Princess, a loving and patient beauty, inside and out

Ch. Coburn's Knight in White Satin, (Blue)

Blue had a gentle spirit, and love of life, and we still feel his loss keenly.

Just 3 weeks after he finished his Championship, 3 weeks after this photo was taken, he was attacked by 2 rescue dogs who got out of their pen.  Blue became a parapalegic. Through many hours of therapy and hard work, Blue was able to walk again.  We were allowed the joy of having him with us a few more years, but his injuries eventually caused deteriation and pain.  With great sadness, we allowed him to go free, so he could be whole again.
Ch. Coburn's Bright Spirit


Spirit was found in our yard shortly after finishing her title.  Her co-owner, Nancy Oliver and my family were devistated by her loss.

An autopsy did not find a specific cause of death, and she had been health checked just shortly before.  It is suspected that she died due to an aneurysm from rough house playing.
Meyta's Endora

Endora was unfortunately lost do to veterinary misdiagnoses.  She had been seen by more than 4 veterinarans over a year, both at the emergency clinic and two veterinary clinics, who treated her with antibiotics for tick related fevers.  It was discoverd by autospy that she had thorasic infection which had become antibiotic resistant.

Endora was a wonderful girl in so many ways.  She was just one 3 point major from finishing her Championship.

She is missed here, and by her breeder Laura Hyatt.
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Romanoc's Chloe'

We had so many dreams, but circumstances did not allow them to become a reality.

Chloe' was a wonderful girl who had to leave us too soon.
Ch. Coburn's Amazing Grace


Gracie was an exceptional bitch who went BOB over top specials (with ME handling her!).  She finished with 3 majors, and presented us with two beautiful litters to carry on her many qualities.
Colby began his life with the Wahlig family shortly after this picture was taken at 18 months.  They had many loving years together until this beautiful boy left them at 11 1/2 years.
Flair was the "grand dame" of our home.  Her sweet, laid-back temperment has made her a joy filling our lives with her loving ways.  She was my daughter's dearest companion.

Flair is a lovely girl who made us proud when she took 2nd in the very competitive open bitch class at the 1998 National Specialty.  Her dark eyes and black pigment give her a wonderful expression, and it's nice to have a dog so well put together she self stacks.  I will miss you forever.

Ch. Coburn's Solar Flair
aka "Flair"
Flair's Pedigree
Lucy's natural charisma and loving temperment let her win friends where ever she went. 

She is nicely balanced with beautiful reach and drive, along with many other qualities which helped her to finish her title easily.

We grieve the loss of both Lucy and Flair.

Ch. Coburn's Sweet Justice
aka "Lucy"
Lucy pedigree
Lucky's Page
Lucky's Pedigree
CH. Coburn's Survivor, JC, Fld. Ch., SOR

Ch. Attaway Kyrov Star Kissed JC  x Ch. Coburn's Sweet Justice

dob: 11/12/02

Lucky was a devoted and strong, male,
who left us all too soon.
He is missed by all who knew him.

Ch.  Fusilier Fan Dancer @ Coburn


bred by:    Chere C. Fuessel,   Fusilier Borzoi
dob: 8/15/2001
by Ch. Oaklara Sahdow Dancer x Fusilier Cirrus
Dani would rather run and play than be in a boring show ring.  Still she finished easily, and with limited showing pick up 3 majors! 
Dani is no longer with us and will soon be added to our past borzoi.  She is gone, but never forgotten
Dani's Website.
Dani's Pedigree
Ch. Coburn's Tia Maria JC, Fld Ch

Maria's movement was flowing and she had an athletic body full of speed and agility.

AKA "Sweet Maria"  is the Queen of the pack at Nancy's Oliver's  loving home.

She is the "brat" of the pack, which includes Ch. Coburn's Gold Strike, and Coburn's Gypsy Gold V Muzik, and a large Turtle .  Always looking for something to do.  Her bright little mind never stops working <grin>. Owned by Nancy Oliver

dob:  7/2/2000
by Ch. Oaklara's Espresso  x Ch. Coburn's Solar Flair
**Ch.  Coburn's Suntea   JOR,  T.T.
Mouse is my daughter's most dear friend.  The first dog Sarah has ever shown, the first she ever finished.  Her gentle spirit just shines. 
Mouse now resides with her daughter in the loving home of Linda Richardson.
Mouse's Webpage
Retired and Loved
Mouse's Pedigree
Maria's Page

dob:  7/2/2000
by Ch. Oaklara's Espresso  x Ch. Coburn's Solar Flair

Miranda has done everything ever asked of her.  She is a terrific girl zoi in every way.  She is now retired to a wonderful home where she owns her own couch and is completely spoiled and loved.
Miranda's Pedigree
Miranda's Page
** Ch. Coburn's Silhouette J.C. Fld Ch. JOR, T.T.
Amber's Page
Our Golden Girl "Amber"

Ch. Courn's Jewel v WindN'Satin
is a beauty heart and soul.  Sh is as sweet and lovingborzoi as you could ever ask for.
Amber finished with 3 majors.  She is just one of a terrific litter co-bred yb P. Shaw, S. Shoaw, M Childs, & D McDonald.
Those gone, but never forgotten.
Colin's Page
Colin's pedigree