We always thought Amber was a knockout.  Beautiful shoulders, dark rich pigment, sound with ground covering strides and a correct , balanced body.  This Golden Beauty has grown up to be the bitch we hoped for.

Pictured at 4 months.
CH. Coburn's Jewel v Wind'NSatin
Breeders: Pat & Sarah Shaw, Mary Childs & Dora McDonald
Amber is shown here picking up her 2nd major under judge Mrs. Molly Martin
Amber's first 2 points were awarded to her at 6 1/2 months of age by judge Mrs Patricia  v Trotter.  It was one bitch shy of major.
Amber took her 1st major at Columbia Kennel Club in 2007 under judge Diane Malenfant
My thanks to
Dr. Linda Beiswonger of
Hope Animal Clinic
who once again helped one of my dogs.  Amber broke her leg and we were afraid she would never move soundly again.  Thankfully, Dr. Linda came though and saved the day!  You would never know Amber's leg had been broken
Amber has an athletic body.  Although very enthusiastic, Amber didn't think much of chasing plastic bags.  Until she caught and discovered they were all plastic , she showed her speed, agility, and follow.   After that, forget about it.  However, our yard is free of varmints.
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Unfortunately, we do not have a good camera, or photographer (me!), but I did my best to catch Amber's pretty side gait. 
She is sound coming and going and floats on the go around