Thanks to Chere for allowing me to bring home this dynamic girl.  Dani has a powerful side gait that let her easily, and with limited showing pick up 3 majors! 

I can always count on Dani to hunt what ever is foolish enough to come into the yard <grin>.  Stuffed animals don't stand a chance.  She is so full of mischief and life, but is also very couragous.


Last year my husband went out to change the water in an outside water bucket.  Dani had been barking quite a bit.  When Bob went towards the bucket, she put herself  in front of him and started barking, jumping towards him and not letting him near it.  He corrected her about being a pain in the butt.  About that time, a 4 foot copperhead snake crawled out.  Dani then put herself between my husband and the copperhead snake, held it at bay, and saved him from being bit.  It gave him time to go get a shovel to kill the snake.

Thank you Dani

Dani would love to course, but because of an injury, will be not be allowed.  It's a shame, as she is quick, agile, loves to give chase, and obviously has tremendous hunting instincts.
Ch. Fusilier Fan Danzer @ Coburn
Dani surprised everyone when in spite of her puppy antics, she managed to win 3rd place in the 6 to 9 months Futurity class, at the 2001 Borzoi Club of America.

My thanks to Jr. Handler, Alyssa Brandtman.  Alyssa graciously agreed to show Dani for me.  This talented Junior handler brought out the best in Dani, and did a superb job of handling this frisky girlzoi.

Congrats to Alyssa's parents for  raising such a wonderful daughter.
Dani has that kind of ground covering stride that I found very difficult to keep up with.....

So Dani had a lot of friends and volunteers who were nice enough to show her for me.
Here she is shown with my daughter, Sarah.
Again shown by a local handler who wanted to try showing a borzoi
And her finishing points were won with my good friend Kristy Arnn-Cutburth, who also owns Matrix.
Dani finished with 3 majors