Belina - Colby x Flair is owned by Ann Miller  9 1/2 still going strong!
BeeBop, filled to the brim with a gentle sweetness.  Loved children & everything else large and small
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The most important responsibility of breeding, is to breed wonderful, loving companions who will become part of a family.  This page will be devoted to those who may or may not ever win a title, but all are well loved by their families. 
Thanks to all of those wonderful homes.
Though not a real dog, everyone loves Clifford!
Skittles, owned and Loved by the Belobradjic Family
Sometimes, people for some reason cannot keep their much loved companions.  There is no shame in this, Life happens.  This is Hope and Riley who were re-homed.  We will always take back dogs if you cannot keep them, and find just the right home for them.
NBRF is also a wonderful place to find deserving borzoi needing a home.
Leo's advice:
"There's a time to play with friends"
And a time to show how smart and well behaved you can be.  Here is Leo graduating puppy class with Alyce and friend Jenna.

Leo is a playful member of Marlies and Alyce's
canine family.
While mild mannered Paikea may be a gentleman, he's always willing to get down and dirty when the chance arrives!  Can you say Mistchief?  Fortunately his owner Mindy loves him mud and all.
Though Dazzle, shown here at just over a year, never got to finish any titles due to her owners other commitments, she became the champion of their couch and Queen of their hearts.  She is owned by the Belobradjic family.
Gandalf joined Lynne Huseby's family and is thrilled to be their couch potoato!
Shown here, Gandalf is enjoying his 2nd birthday and then taking a stroll with his friend, McKay
Friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Here is Starmie with his buddy Marzipan!
Above is Miranda enjoying her retirement home.  She lives with the Stieb family which includes their children, an IW, Greyhounds, cats, and lots of love!
To his owner's dismay,
Paikea discovers the joy of fishing!
Gandolf with Sarah